Update 3

Hey guys, over the past few days I've been tweaking and adding the final touches to the game. So, without further ado, lets dive into the things that were added:

  1. New menu and UI! We've got a main menu, pause menu, lots of buttons to click on, OR you could use your arrow keys to navigate around the menu! You can change the game's volume, screenshake strength and much more.
  2. New enemy! A big orange enemy that shoots an explosive missile. This guy spawns less than the red ones, so you won't get bombed constantly. Also, this guy just like the rest, won't shoot if you get too close, but he also doesn't shoot if another enemy is too close to him. A red circle indicating the radius will show up once that happens.
  3. Red circles will now show up whenever the enemies are unable to shoot. This visual cue is implemented to better convey the information that players are too close to the enemy and helps them gauge the appropriate distance that they should be from the enemy. You can turn this off in the settings menu.
  4. Speed powerup changed to the Smasher powerup. What does the Smasher powerup do? It still makes you move as fast as you were with the Speed powerup AND you get the added ability of destroying enemies when running straight into them, i.e smashing into them!
  5. No cooldown powerup changed to the Ghost powerup. The Ghost powerup makes you invincible and let bullets phase right through you!
  6. Also I've given some new visual effects to stuff to make it even juicier!


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Sep 26, 2018

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