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During the course of GMTK Jam's voting period, I've recieved numerous feedback and suggestions as to how I can improve the game. One of the biggest issues is probably that players prefer to kite the enemies around the sides of the map and let them shoot one another from behind instead of playing the game the intended way. Also, it was noted that player survivability was pretty low, causing the game to end before the action has even started. Now that the voting period for the Jam is over, here is the list of changes and improvements to I've made to the game:
Biggest changes:

  1. Enemies are 90% less likely to be able to shoot one another from behind when grouped together.
  2. Bullet speeds reduced.
  3. Barrier: You start off with a barrier that will break once you get hit by a bullet (giving you an extra chance at survival). Once the barrier breaks, a supernova will be released, destroying all bullets and enemies in proximity. Taking another hit without you barrier will result in a Game Over. Collecting points can recharge your barrier. 100 points are needed to fully recharge your barrier again.

Smaller changes:

  1. Enemies will now turn the other way when you get too close to them. Before, enemies still couldn't shoot at you if you got too close. Unfortunately, this specific behaviour hasn't been properly communicated to the player during gameplay, which results in the player being afraid to run towards a group of enemy. With this visual cue, players can see that happening much better.
  2. Number of points that enemies dropped slightly increased.
  3.  Small changes in some sound and visual effects.
  4. The starting and endings of powerups are accompanied by a sound effect and a flashy visual effect. Before, because powerups operated based on a time-limit, they would just end abruptly without any warning, so if players were relying on that powerup to survive, they would get an unfair Game Over when the powerup ended. This is especially the case for the Deflector powerup.
  5. Difficulty scaling added. The game would now get a bit more difficult as the player scored more points. (More testing and feedback needed in this area)
  6. Player movement speed increased. Additional movement speed is added when player is in slow-mo. This change gives players a clear advantage when using slow-mo where they can dodge bullets easier than before.
  7. Camera is zoomed out a little more. To allow for the player to see incoming bullets better

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Sep 12, 2018

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