Post Jam Dicey Update 3

This update focused more on gameplay adjustments and proper systems to clarify and explain the mechanics in-game.

Firstly, the movement was changed to WASD/Arrow Keys. This change was made as players felt they had less control when movement was automatic. Dashing is kept in the direction of the player to the mouse.

Before you dash, you can hold down the left click to preview your trajectory. If your trajectory is near the dice, you will also get to preview the dice's trajectory. Hopefully, this minimises any confusion about where the dice will end up.

When you activate the laser or lightning power, the firing button is changed to right-click. This way you can continue to dash and avoid accidentally misfiring.

The arena's shape is also changed to a circle, as the previous angularly shaped arena caused the dice to get stuck in its weird angles occasionally.

The tutorial has been tweaked to better convey how the dice and powers work.

A brief video demonstration has also been added to properly introduce the laser enemy's mechanics.

Video snippets demonstrating the individual powers will show up when you hover over any of the unlocked power slots.

Finally, tweaked the spawning of enemies in levels where a new enemy is introduced to reduce the feeling of overwhelming them.


Dicey Post Jam update 54 MB
Aug 05, 2022

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