Post Jam Dicey Update 2

Added more powers and a!

Gameplay changes:

  • You can dash through laser beams fired by the laser enemy.
  • Added new powers:
    • Bomb Dice - Kicking the dice into enemies will cause an explosion. Explosion Damage = Dice Number.
    • Hyper Dice - The dice stays in the Hyper state dealing 3x damage until it runs out of kicks. Number of kicks = Dice Number.
    • Freeze - Freezes all enemies present for roughly 10 seconds. Removes enemy shields too. Dice Number does not matter.
  • Added an explanation on the 5th level when the laser enemy is first introduced to explain his abilities.
  • Changed the dice colour from golden to pink when powers are ready to fit better with the colour palette.
  • Animated the dice UI on the top left when the dice powers are being rolled for clarity.
  • Changed the colour of the dice at 3x damage from blue to red to further emphasise its power.
  • Added an indicator on your UI to show which power is currently active and shows the damage/remaining uses.


Dicey Post Jam update 29 MB
Jul 27, 2022

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