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this is awesome,

i love the particles, the screen shake, the glow and everything visual in this game.

i also really like the missle mechanic, and all the little details (for example the point cound ramping up if the enemy dies, etc).

this could really go on forever, it would be nice if it would get more difficult over time.

great job :)

Hi, here are my remarks:

- nice aesthetics and juice as always, with clear informations and good vfx and style

- the difficulty doesn't seem to go up, a ramping respawn rate and enemy speed would be nice

- the barrier is kind of op, maybe it shouldn't clear the entire screen (tho a new powerup to do that alone can be nice) or even any enemy at all, in that scenario it should be replaced, for example, with a freeze when it's broken

- I still don't understand what the chain reactor does

- you can make the missile go out of the screen and preemptively clear enemies you can't see yet

- there's no reward for directly hitting an enemy, maybe it's intentional tho

High score: 12410 cos I was not attentive xD