[WASD] to move ship

[Space] to sleep/wake up and play

You're just playing your game in peace and everything was fine but suddenly day turned to night and now you have to watch out for your Boogey Mom when you play.

Don't let your Boogey Mom catch you staying up to play games at night, or else...

A simple schmup but with a twist! You have to hide from your mum who constantly checks in on you throughout the night. Don't ever let her catch you.

Destroy ships to gain points. Gain x2 multiplier when you destroy ships fast enough. But watch out for the boogey mom.

Collect weapon upgrade powerup to shoot more bullets and take more hits. Taking hits without any hp will summon the boogey mom right away.

Collect the speed upgrade to move your ship faster and go to sleep faster.

This game was made for the #NoticeMe GXC Game Jam.
Link to submission: https://gxc.gg/games/dyl4tf/BoogeyMom/ (Requires Opera GX to be installed)

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